Team Beachbody

This is possibly the best decision I ever did was to join Team Beachbody. It has totally changed my life to be around people who are a positive influence everyday. Sure they aren't physically with me but I can talk to them on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn,, and I can call or email my coach and several others any time I need guidance or just a friend to talk to. If one person doesn't know where I am coming from there is always someone else to talk to. We all have had our battle with weight or getting fit. So there is a comradery there that I have never experienced any other place. I have done Weight Watchers twice, Jenny Craig, any diet I found in a magazine, countless DVDs, old school VHS, workout shows on TV, SparkPeople, and Jillian

All of those things always worked for awhile, but my determination always waned. I somehow always fell off the wagon. These videos made me want to do it long enough to lose the weight and when my inspiration wasn't there. This group of men and women have brought me back from the brink of not doing it again.

Being a part of Team Beachbody has given me so much. I now love myself enough to put myself first. If you don't invest in yourself you will not have enough energy or strength to give to others.

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