Saturday, February 26, 2011

No Matter What

I know I haven't posted in awhile I keep meaning to come back here and tell you what is going on but things keep getting in the way. I want to start posting more. I have started a new workout program since my weight loss had taken a turn for the worst since Christmas I had to get back on track. So I started Chalene Extreme from the same lady who did Turbo Jam, Chalene Johnson. I just love her. This program is a three month program. I started it 17 days ago. But I have been sick a few days and so has the rest of the family. Then I get back on track and I challenge myself to walk as far as I can on the day I have my hardest workout in this new program. Big, big mistake. I walked 3.1 miles and am so proud of myself and came home to do my regular program. I was scheduled to do a DVD named Burn Intervals and Ab Burner. But I have also been doing Pokes for Fitness on Facebook; which is great. The premise is you do usually 5 of whatever exercise you choose per poke. This was great to get me back on track and it challenges me so much. But I see all these people in the group doing hundreds and hundreds of situps or pushups and I think I should be able to push myself hard. It's like I forget I am still almost 300lbs; which apparently means I am going to sweat more than normal people and end up dehydrated. So I ended up in the emergency room the other day. Doctor says the dehydration led to my gallbladder spasming. I also have two gallstones and a kidney stone. Fun. lol so I have to go talk to a surgeon about having my gall bladder being removed. Figures after I fix my eating habits is when I have problems. Anyway, I will lose this weight, NO MATTER WHAT! I will not be taken out by a few sicknesses and some emotional crap. I am still in this fight to get my weight off.

My husband sent me this pic when we were dating. He lived in England and I was here in the states; 7-8,000 miles away. We had been talking for over 6 months and had decided we wanted to meet in person and found out how expensive it was. We decided that no matter what we would find a way to be together. It did finally happen. He did finally get here and we finally decided to get married. Those words NO MATTER WHAT mean a lot to me. I know if he loves me that much I should and will love myself that much today. I need to lose this weight for me because I love myself enough to live for me, for my family, for him and for my kids. I want to do crazy things like skate again. I don't mean this inline skating stuff the kids do today. I mean real skating...roller derby. My daughter thinks I am insane but I would love to do roller derby and run 5ks or walk a marathon again. I hate that it has to be someday. But at the moment it can't be tomorrow. But no matter what I will get there again.

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